Industrial Manufacturing and Research Joint Stock Company (trading name: RIM., JSC) is an enterprise engaged in production and business activities in the fields of electronics, civil gas and industry. The company’s product communication systems are stabilizers, transformers, randomizers, isolators, single phase, three phase power sizes used in civil and industrial, Power solutions backup Inverter, UPS …, energy-saving lights, all kinds of extended universal sockets, protection devices…

The company was established on the basis of importing a Joint Stock Company and Industrial Creation Mode in Hanoi, at the same time expanding the scale of operations to meet development needs. Currently, the company owns a very good infrastructure system, including: A power plant with an area of ​​​​nearly 12,000m2 in Dong Van Industrial Park, Ha Nam province with a set of system equipment and hundreds of management apparatus. , engineers, skilled workers, R&D Research and product development department ensure sufficient capacity to design, manufacture, manufacture or process electrical, electronic and mechanical items. With an office management system in Hanoi and hundreds of Comfos agents and distributors nationwide, our company ensures to best meet all requirements from the market.

The Company’s production and business systems have been assessed and certified by the D.A.S Certification Organization – the UK’s leading international certification organization, in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008.

Besides stable products, Ruler brand transformer has been on the market for 15 years, the company has further developed products with Comfos brand in order to diversify products, better serve as required user used, in that out Blogs is COMFOS LED, COMFOS WARRANTY SET, VOLTAGE STABILIZER FOR COMFOS CIVIL CONFERENCE AND VOLTAGE STABILIZER.

With a sales system of distribution channels, agents, supermarkets, stores, RULER and COMFOS branded products are present in all provinces and cities with the desire to serve customers more and more. , better INSTRUCTIONS FOR SOME BETTER, SAFER LIFE. RIM., JSS

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